April 24, 2019

We founded Arivale with the vision of making personalized, data-driven, preventive coaching a new wellness paradigm in the United States.

Launched in 2015, the Arivale program collected dense data clouds of information for each participant over time, including genomic, blood analytes, gut microbiome and digital self-measurements. Based on this data and systems and behavioral science, Arivale health coaches presented participants with a personalized list of recommendations for improving their wellness and avoiding disease.

The results were remarkable. Participants reported high levels of engagement and satisfaction with the program, which produced significant improvements in multiple clinical health markers. A scientific paper describing the improvements seen in multiple health markers in ~2500 participants was recently accepted for publication in the journal Scientific Reports.

Regrettably, effective today, we are terminating our consumer program. Our decision to do so is attributable to the simple fact that the cost of providing the service exceeds what our customers can pay for it. We believe the costs of collecting the genetic, blood and microbiome assays that form the foundation of the program will eventually decline to a point where the program can be delivered to consumers cost-effectively. However, we are unable to continue to operate at a loss until that time arrives.

While our direct-to-consumer model isn’t yet sustainable because of the high cost of the assays, the Arivale program improved the lives of our customers and showed great scientific merit. We are grateful to our customers and proud of everyone at Arivale for their dedication and devotion to our mission. Their efforts have launched a new paradigm — scientific or quantitative wellness — which, we are confident will become a major component of 21st century medicine.

As of May 21, 2019, personal dashboards are no longer accessible. Arivale’s main phone number is no longer operational. Please send any questions to arivaleHIDDENadministrator1HIDDEN@HIDDENarivaleHIDDEN.com, and allow at least 24 hours for a response.


The Arivale Team